✓ Orientation Class

✓ What is Web Design

✓ How Website Works

✓ Orientation Class

✓ Create something using HTML, Table,Section etc

✓ Assignment

✓ HTML Layout, Block System,Media Query

✓ CSS Propety

✓ Assignment

What is PSD & UI

Discussion About PSD

How to use PSD elements on design

HTML Markup


✓ Adding CSS, Fonts, Media Query to make site responsive

✓ CSS3 Animation, Hover Effect

✓ Assignment

✓ What is WordPress?

✓ What is xampp?

✓ Xampp installation

✓ Installation of Wordpress, In Cpanel and also in Xamp or localhost

✓ Full Wordpress Discription

✓ Installation of Wordpress

✓ WordPress File Hierarchy

✓ Introduction to WP Admin Panel/Dashboard

✓ How to use Cpanel/Domain/Hosting/Sub-Domain/ Email Account Creation

✓ Assignment ( Install WP and create a simple page with wordpress theme).

✓ WordPress theme customization using a free wp theme

✓ Plugins Installation

✓ Menu Creation

✓ Page Setting

✓ Wp reset Plugin

✓ Wordpress Installation In server

✓ Assignment

✓ Project with a premium wp theme

✓ Avada, Be theme, enfold theme, divi theme

✓ Revolution Slider install and Customization.

✓ Header & Footer Customization, Site Identity, Site Icon, Title, Meta Tag, Meta Description At WordPress

✓ Assignment (Personal Portfolio Site/ Business Website)

✓ Install a WooCommerce Theme / Integrate WooCommerce Plugins

✓ Customize a Ecommerce Theme and make it works using Woocommerce theme/plugins

✓ Woocommerce dynamic pricing discounts

✓ Add Product Category, Sub Category, Product Filtering etc.

✓ Payment Gateway and shipping Method

✓ Assignment (a e-commerce site build with wp-ocean/flatsome theme)

✓ Speed up and Increase User experience

✓ WordPress Security Management (Loginizer, WordFence, WP Statistics)

✓ A Brief Description on Freelance WP Projects

✓ Problem Solving Class

✓ gtranslate pro.

✓ All In One WP-migration.

✓ WP Reset & WP Clone plugin

✓ Bookign Reservation Creation

✓ Yoast SEO

✓ Payment Gateway Integration paypal, skrill, master card, bkash-rocket, Local Bank Transfer

Facebook Chat Option

Tidio Chat Integration

Facebook Pixel (Using Paid PlugIN- PixelForYourSite), Facebook Pixel (Developer Version)

Opt In Ninja, Pop Up Form

Sticky Nav Bar, Scrollspy

✓ Project Presentation

✓ Complete 5 Page Design + ECommerce

✓ Problem Solving Class

✓ Introduction to PHP

✓ Tools for Server Site Language

✓ Syntex( echo, print, variable)

✓ Data Types

✓ Strings

✓ Constants

✓ Operator

✓ If else elseif

✓ Switch

✓ While Loops

✓ For Loops

✓ Functions

✓ Date & Time

✓ Array

✓ File Upload

✓ Cookies

✓ Session

✓ Create MySql database and connect with projects

✓ Know how to create table.

✓ Know how to insert,delete data to database.

✓ Know how to update,edit data to database.

✓ Know how to backup & restore data from database.

✓ Sql Syntex Operator & Clause details

✓ Manipulate Data & Print Data

✓ Create View in Design View/code

✓ Insert/Update/Delete Data by View


✓ Sub Query & Join Query Details

✓ Primary & Foreign Key Brief

✓ Inner/Outer/Left-Right Join

✓ LIKE/IN/OUT Operator Brief

✓ Final Project on PHP

✓ Concept about the WordPress dashboard

✓ WordPress Basics Theme Development

✓ Wordpress Basic Function

✓ Make the header completely dynamic

✓ Make Wordpress Menu Dynamic

✓ Different methods of post-dynamic/p>

✓ Custom Post Type

✓ Usages of querry in diffrent custom post.

✓ How to do dynamic post using shortcode

✓ Make dynamic sidebar

✓ Method of single post and page dynamic

✓ Method of making dynamic Category

✓ How to Dynamic a Template

✓ Image Size and New Image adding dynamically

✓ Wordpress Image Size and Crop Positioning

✓ Metabox

✓ Hook creation and discussion

✓ Theme Translation

✓ Custom Texanomy

✓ Discussion on Shourtcode and usages of it.

✓ Discussion on custom post and usages of it.

✓ Detailed discussion and use of Ajax.

✓ Detailed discussions and usage of customizers

✓ WooCommerce details discussion

✓ How to Dynamic a Template

✓ Image Size and New Image adding dynamically

✓ Crop Positioning

✓ Metabox

✓ Hook creation and discussion

✓ Metabox , Metafield Meta value discussion

✓ Meta box framework

✓ Marketplace & profile(Fiverr)

✓ Fiver GiG review and buyer request

✓ Marketplace and profile(peopleperhour and upwork)

✓ Cover letters and project managements

✓ Cover letters and Bidding

✓ Freelancing Tips & Tricks

✓ Profile and progress discussion

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